VPS Private Cloud

Bringing you the performance of a VPS with the availability of the cloud Native high availability and Windows option

High-performance professional servers, specifically designed for relationship management (CRM) tool setup.

Why Choose Us

Our relentless focus on the success of your business

Dedicated 24/7 Live Support

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

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Why Choose VPS Hosting?

  • Full Root Access

    The virtual servers comes with full root access which allows administrator access over your hosting environment.

  • Integrated Cpanel

    Integrated Cpanel

  • Near-Instant Provisioning

    Your VPS (virtual private server) plan comes with a pre-installed cPanel, which helps you manage your hosting environment efficiently

Still searching for the best VPS server? Go with Linux cloud

Fast & Simple

With Cloud technology enabled for this VPS,your servers are powered with increased flexibility and control

Easy Control Panel

Your VPS comes with cPanel, to manage your website and associated services like emails and DNS

Award Winning Support

We are here for you 24/7/365 via Telephone, LiveChat and Email to assist with any questions you may have

Cutting Edge Hardware

All our underlying physical servers are equipped with latest Processors and RAM

Private Mancraft Server

You can create almost anything that you desire with our cloud VPS hosting servers.

High End Cloud Server

Cloud-based infrastructure combined with our high-end virtual servers is the answer to any of your web hosting question.


Try us for 30 days absolutely risk-free! You are completely protected by our no-risk guarantee program. If by any means you decide to cancel your account over the next 30 days, you'll receive an instant refund, no questions asked.

Technical Specification

Guaranteed Resources

Our Hyper-V based hypervisor technology ensures consistent top-notch performance which allows the resources of your virtual server

Secure Environment

Hypervisor based virtualization brings in better isolation and security in a virtual server environment

Cutting Edge Server Hardware

One of the integral parts of your server is disk read/writes which is why we built our servers with Solid State Drives*

Top of the line network

Our network is designed with multiple reputed ISPs to ensure high stability, eliminate single point of failure with an integrated DDoS protection.

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